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Tractor Ted Greatest Hits CD

A great collection of songs that feature on the Tractor Ted DVDs - have fun singing along in the car or at home!

Track list:  1. Tractorland Theme Tune.  2. Riding My Bike (Meets the Animals).  3. Muck Spreading (Meets the Animals).  4. Digging a Ditch (Springtime).  5. Welcome to the Sawmill (Springtime).  6. Combining, Combining (Summertime).  7. I am an Excavator (Summertime).  8. Apples (Autumntime).  9. Amazing Maize (Autumntime).  10. Choosing a Tractor (Wintertime).  11. Market Day (Wintertime).  12. Mowing the Clover (Organic Farm Visit).  13. Mixing the Feed (Meets the Animals).  14. Milking the Cows (Organic Farm Visit).  15. Pull up the Weeds (Organic Farm Visit).  16. Off to the Show (Showtime).  17. Showtime (Showtime).

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Tractor Ted is a lovable children's story character who captivates, entertains and then educates with his exciting kids' stories of farm adventures.

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